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Deer Velvet Antler: A Traditional Asian Medicine For Over 2000 Years




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Is there an impact of deer velvet antler on sexual function ?

Although it’s been in use for over 2000 years in Asia, it’s only just now beginning to be sort after in the West.

Deer velvet antler have been used in traditional Chinese medicine and is regarded as highly as other herbal products such as ginseng and ginkgo. Its sexual enhancing features have been promoted in Asia for centuries.

As the Western world looks to synthetic drugs to treat sexual problems,deer velvet antler is widely used for this purpose in China. While drugs such as Viagra provide a temporary solution, they also have negative side effects. Injections of testosterone may provide a temporary solution in restoring sexual capability, but may adversely affect the body’s own production of sex hormones.

Deer velvet antler is rich in amino acids and other major and trace elements. These include precursors for growth hormone like Insulin Like Growth Factors (IGF), leutinizing hormone (which stimulates the production of testosterone in the testis) and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Deer velvet antler has been scientifically shown to stimulate growth and increase the weight of both the seminal vesicles and prostate in animals.

It contains both the male and female hormone precursors, which may stimulate growth and sexual potency in both men and women. Chinese doctors have used deer velvet antler for male incontinence and prostate problems. They also treat frigidity, low libido and infertility.

The effects of deer velvet antler on patients with poor sexual function has also been widely documented by Russian clinical researchers, with the result that it is regarded as an effective remedy for impotence and other sexual problems.

Deer velvet antler demonstrate androgenic and gonadotrophic effects in animals through regulating the activity of the sex organs. The sex hormones estrone, testosterone and a substance similar to progesterone have been identified at low levels may help to explain the belief throughout the Asia that deer velvet antler invigorates sexual activity.

Research Results

The majority of research on the effects of deer velvet antler on sex organ development has been conducted on animals.

Study One

Semen collected from male fowl treated with deer vevet antler had a larger sperm volume, sperm concentration, and sperm viability than the untreated group. The semen from the treated and untreated groups was inseminated into female fowls. The conception rate for females treated with semen from the deer velvet antler treated group was 26% higher.

Testicular tissue from the deer velvet antler treated group also showed more spermatogenic activity.

Study Two

In another study, young roosters were treated with deer velvet antler. Testis weight was significantly greater (51%), as well as an increase in the formation of seminiferous tubular diameter, spermatids and spermatocytes.

Study Three

A further experiment using male mice treated with deer velvet antler resulted in a 42% increase in the weight of accessory glands (seminal residues and prostrate gland).

Study Four

The oestrus cycle was studied on treated and untreated female mice. They were treated with deer velvet antler in month two.

Average number of oestrus cycles over three months

Untreated: 2.6, 3.1, 3.6
Treated: 3.2, 4.1, 4.9 (Note the increase in oestrus cycle number)

The average duration of oestrus (days)

Untreated: 1.2, 1.4, 2.1
Treated: 1.2, 1.6, 1.8 (Note the decrease in average oestrus cycle)

These results show improved oestrus cycle regularity with deer velvet antler.

This research provides evidence for the improved sexual functioning effects of deer velvet antler in both sexes.


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