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Velvita IGF-1 Extract Spray

What Exactly Is Velvita-IGF-1

Velvita IGF-1 Velvet Antler Extract is a exciting new product. Experience for yourself the powerful strengthening and energizing qualities of Deer Antler Velvet Extract in a spray for maximum potency and effectiveness. Velvita IGF-1 is a standardized soluble formulation extracted from the natural material found in red deer velvet antlers. The formulation procedure preserves all of the extract’s active ingredients in a pure form, a process that boosts the already high blood absorption rate of Velvita IGF-1 Spray.

  • Natural source of IGF-1 and growth hormones
  • Proven faster recovery from physical exertion and injury
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Higher energy levels
  • Increase muscular strength, endurance and lean body mass
  • Build a powerful immune system
  • Look and feel younger
  • More youthful skin and hair
  • Provides nutritional support for bone and joint structure and function

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Example Label and Dose Information

Velvita IGF-1
Deer Velvet Extract Dietary Supplement
30ml - contains 5000ng of IGF-1

Serving Size: 2 sprays (0.32 ml) deer velvet extract - 90 servings
Directions for use: Spray 2 times under tongue 3 times per day
Hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.
Cautions: Do not use if outer seal is broken. Not intended for use
under age 18. Consult doctor if pregnant or nursing, have a medical
condition or take medication.
Other ingredients: water, flavour, xylitol, citric acid, lecithin, potassium sorbate
Distributed by:, BN BIO906020: Expiry: December 2011

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What Will "Velvita IFG-1" Do For Me?

Competitive athletes: IGF-1 is not a drug or steroid and will not cause you to fail a drug or urine test.

A natural supplement for Bodybuilding and Weight Training.

How does IGF-1 boost muscle mass?
Evidence suggests IGF-1 inproves the transport of amino acids into cells throughout the body. The amino acids are critical to the rebuilding of tissue. Like insulin, IGF-1 also increases the uptake of glucose. Also with insulin, it slows the speed of protein breakdown. This is called catabolism inhibition. Thus, IGF-1 is anti-catabolic.
More great benifit of IGF-1 are that it encourages the body to use fat in the muscle cells for fuel rather than carbohydrates. This encourages a leaner muscle mass.


A greater uptake of glucose (blood sugar) into muscle cells.
A greater uptake of amino acids into muscle cells.
More muscle-cell growth.
A reduction in muscle breakdown after workouts. Allowing for better work outs.
Improve use of fat for energy and a corresponding decrease in the use of carbohydrates.


Improved white cell production.
Restoration of lymphoid tissue.
Stimulates an increase in B and T lymphocytes.
Improves the uptake and degradation of LDL cholesterol by macrophages.
Reduces urinary hydroxy proline excretion.
Improves parathyroid D interaction to produce stronger bones.
Boosts nitrogen retention (promotes muscle preservation) and boosts sodium excretion.

IGF1 is a naturally occuring substance extracted from New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet to promote peak physical performance. Being sublingual it's easily absorbed for lean muscle building cartilage and peripheral nerve tissue repair.

Deer Velvet boosts the immune system and ensures flexibility of blood vessels in muscles reducing injury during extreme physical stress. Deer Velvet oxygenates the blood by raising haemoglobin levels creating more red blood corpuscles for oxygen to ride around on.

IGF increases proper absorption of the building blocks of proteins so that muscle protein synthesis will occur. IGF has the ability to slow the rate of protein breakdown, increase blood sugar/glocuoase and stimulate glucose transport in muscle.

IGF helps to establish lean muscle mass without a rise in fat tissue. Also improves nitrogen retention (muscle preservation).

No additives approx, 35-1 extraction taken before and after training - safe, natural and legal.

Enables athletes to recover faster from training and injury helping repair peripheral nerve tissue.

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Gain from the many benefits of deer velvet antler


Velvita IGF-1 Lipospray is a highly purified deer antler velvet extract. Experience the advantage of the advanced extraction process in which the cervine growth factor matrix has been released from the binding proteins. This revolutionary new breakthrough allows for the greatest uptake of the active growth hormones. The IGF-1 and other growth factors in this liquad extract have an anabolic effect on the body. This means IGF-1 Velvet Spray encourage a leaner body mass, and at the same time persuade the body to release fatty acids from fat tissue. This in turn often improves your immune system.

Insulin like Growth Factor I (IGF-1)
Insulin like Growth Factor II (IGF-2)
Transforming Growth Factor Alpha
TGF Beta (Transforming Growth Factor Beta)
Erythropoltin (a stimulant for red blood cell growth)
Leutienizing hormone stimulant
Epidermal Growth Factor
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Nerve Growth Factor
Neurotrophin Growth Factor 3
Fibroblast Growth Factor (3 types)
Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4
Related growth co-factors

IGF-Velvet Spray

Protein g/100g 9.5
Total Fat g/100g 0.4
Moisture g/100g 3.5
Ash g/100g 80.5
Carbohydrate g/100g 6.1
Energy kf/100g 280
Energy kcal/100g 64.8
Sodium g/100g 2.7
Phosphorus g/100g 18.0
Calcium mg/100g 70
Magnesium mg/100g 64
Potassium mg/100g 280
Cobalt mg/kg < 1
Copper mg/kg 2.70
Iron mg/kg 7.4
Selenium mg/kg < 0.5
Zinc mg/kg 1.7
IGF- 5,000ng/30ml

    This unique blend of components in "Velvita -IGF-1 " is the basis of it widespread traditional use in Asian.

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